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The Immaculate and the Christocentrism of Franciscan Thought

St. Francis often called himself an “idiot,” that is an uneducated man. But whether he was inferior intellectually in wisdom to so many of his famous “educated” sons is a question open to considerable doubt, particularly when we consider that extraordinary relation between him and the Immaculate. And if indeed not only his Order, but [...]

The Immaculate and the Marian Structure of Our Vocation

When the question is asked: What is the specific, distinguishing feature of the Franciscan way and of its christocentrism?, a great many answers are given — all containing a kernel of the truth, but none entirely adequate. Some will point to poverty and penance; others to charity or joy; still others to Francis’ christocentrism, and [...]

Mary and the Understanding of Our Vocation

Celano writes (I Cel. 24) of Francis while staying at the house of Bernard of Claravalle: “And he (Bernard) used to see him praying all night, very rarely sleeping, praising God and His Mother the glorious Virgin.” Rightly, observes Bonaventure: “After Christ, he placed all his trust in her.” (L.M.9,3) For through her help, he [...]