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Our Lady of Prompt Succor: “Victory is Ours”

By Sr. Faustina Olson, FHI Many have heard about the battle of New Orleans and the astounding statistics of this victory for Andrew Jackson and America. They have learned about it through songs, poetry and history books. Many historical accounts credit the success solely to Andrew Jackson’s strategic skill. However, the real force behind the [...]

The Marian Principle of Growth in Holiness

by Fr. Maximilian Dean, FI In the abundant Marian teachings of St. Bonaventure—from his Commentary on the Sentences to his Marian Sermons, from his summary of dogmatic theology in the Breviloquium to his spiritual conferences on the Hexaemoren—one cannot help but be struck by the centrality given to Mary’s role in the Incarnation, the Redemption [...]