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Mary’s Virginity: Before, During and After Childbirth

by Father Peter Damian M. Fehlner, FI Under this general title, we inaugurate a series of reflections on the mystery of Mary’s perpetual virginity. Our interest is not only on what we confess in believing in this mystery, but on its implications for the life of the Church as an extension of the interior or [...]

Mary’s Faith – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

by Father Stefano M. Manelli, FI Faith is the foundation of the spiritual life. Without this virtue, as the Letter to the Hebrews states, it is impossible to please God. While it is certainly true that Mary was indescribably great in virtue of Her Immaculate Conception and Divine Maternity, spiritual writers nevertheless talk of Her [...]

Mary, Virgo perpetua – On Mary’s Virginity after the Birth

By Fr Serafino M. Lanzetta, FI St. Paul proclaims that Jesus Christ is the “first-born of many brethren,” sons of Mary not according to the flesh but according to the spirit. Mary, in fact, was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Christ. The false notion that Mary might have had other biological [...]

The Immaculate and our Apostolic Goal: That Christ be all in all

For the reading “ever Virgin” in St. Francis Salute to the Virgin the recent critical edition of the Poverello's writings gives “Virgin made Church.” Not only do the ancient sources support this reading as the original rendering of Francis himself, the phrase, novel perhaps to our ears, has the very definite advantage of placing Francis [...]

Perfect Obedience and Perfect Love: Union with the Immaculate

One cannot read very far in the writings of St. Maximilian without realizing how insistent he was on the practice of the virtue of obedience, precisely as the most perfect expression and realization of the love entailed in total consecration to Mary Immaculate. The excerpts from his writings included in the previous reflection are typical [...]

Total Consecration to the Immaculate and Franciscan Profession of Vows

Since the Immaculate, the Queen of the Angels, interceded to gain Francis the grace of his call to be perfectly conformed to Christ; to die for love of His love who didst deign to die for love of his love; and since that love of Christ which impelled Him to accept crucifixion is no where [...]